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Down the Inevitable Path

for Solo Bassoon

Down the Inevitable Path expresses the different emotional stages when 

one deals with loss. The piece usually starts with an 

introduction followed by each movement expressing a specific emotion namely; Lamentation, Rage, Reflection and Acceptance. However, the piece is designed to allow the re-ordering the movements and the possible exclusion
of the third movement (III: rage), reflecting the unpredictable nature of the human experience. The movements are to be played continuously and without breaks.
I: Introduction
This movement is written to sound desolate, by utilizing extended techniques that does not sound the instrument and multiphonics which with richer sounding lower harmonic partials. Time is broadened to create the sense of emptiness and the repetitive gestures the sense of timelessness.
II: Lamentation
Interesting timbre and texture is created by the interjection of multiphonics throughout the piece and the utilization
of all registers of the bassoon.
III: Rage
A fast tempo and highly physical movement, the movement requires the player to rapidly tongue notes in the lower register of the bassoon. The resistance of the bassoon itself presents a challenge playing this movement.
IIIb: Reflection
This movement is written after the decision that movement III: Rages can be excluded as an alternative. As suggested by the title of the movement, this short movement reflects the material from the first movement to create balance in
the absence of the third movement.
IV: Acceptance
With all the movements of the piece played continuously and without breaks, this movement has a recapitulative role
reprising gestures from the preceding movements.

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